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T Shirt Business In A Box

If you have ever considered starting your own Custom T Shirt Shop you may be interested in knowing offers a start up T Shirt Business In A Box package. It is an interesting offer too.


The package is designed for individuals to get started from day one. Included is custom t shirt making software, transfer paper, 2 custom graphic CD’s and t shirts. The idea is to help people not only get started in business for themselves but provide enough retail product to cover the investment in startup. It is a neat idea that I really like.


What I have not yet mentioned, also included in the package is a commercial grade heat press, the JetPress JP 9×12 Swinger. This heat press will last a long, long time and perfect too for any startup. It operates on 110 volt current making it possible for anyone to use immediately. Just plug it in and get aquainted with the new machine, no need to hire an electrician to hook up 220 volt power supply. More savings for the startup entrepreneur.


Yet the best is this, is staffed with people I really enjoy. They really know their stuff when it comes to the t shirt business. Working with PrintOnIt is a lot like having them as staff within your very own company without the payroll. It’s a great business relationship!


I’m comfortable recommending PrintOnIt’s T Shirt Business In A Box. Good product and good people make for great business. If making custom T Shirts is an interest to you then look over the package right here. I really believe you cannot lose with this deal.

T shirts Are a Great Way to Spread a Marketing Message.

Who doesn’t take home a tshirt when they are handed out? Everyone does, it’s because tshirts are useful.

I’m actually writing this post today with the custom tshirt maker in mind who is ready to take advantage of manufacturing promotional t’s for local businesses in their area. I believe this is a service which is overlooked by print shop owners who are looking for the full retail sale.

At any given time in your home town businesses and organizations are seeking ways to get their marketing message out. Since you already know the power tshirts have in longevity, it is time you take advantage of such opportunities!

We will gladly help!

Do You Have An Inkjet Printer?

Anyone who has an Inkjet Printer can use Inkjet Transfer Paper to create wonderful custom gifts for family and friends. It is easy, inexpensive and more importantly, Fun!

We all see the many different custom t-shirts popping up all over the place. Unfortunately these tshirts are expensive. Priced anywhere from $20 to $30 for just one shirt. It is crazy. The truth is, you don’t have to pay these prices.

Did you know that with a computer, printer and a hand held iron you can make your very own custom t shirts? Yes, and starting today too. Plus most computers come factory installed with some decent graphics software nowadays making your efforts that much easier.

Inkjet transfer Paper is specially made to absorb and permanently hold the ink from inkjet printers. This transfer paper is also designed to hold the ink on fabrics after the heat transfer process. This is why the iron on transfer method works perfectly.

No longer do you need a print shop to make your custom shirts. You can do it yourself! With practice, you literally can make a personalised t shirt in just minutes. This is not difficult at all.

Because of the way this transfer paper is designed you can rest assured your work will hold up under multiple wash cycles. The colors won’t fade and the transfer won’t peel off the fabric either. The product is just that good.

Whether you hope to make your own t-shirts for a family reunion, school sports team, scout troop, company picnic or even just for yourself, Inkjet Transfer Paper is the ideal way to go! And has the best prices and the best quality online today to get you started.

Inkjet Transfer Paper for Creating Custom T-Shirts and More! works hard to provide the best Inkjet Transfer Paper available online today. And, better still, PrintOnIt sells their Inkjet Papers at the best prices online.

With over 15 years in the iron on or heat transfer business, Marlo and Alice have the experience to help anyone succeed in the their custom T-Shirt business. Feel free to contact them, or their staff, anytime and ask your questions – anyone of us will give you the answers you need. If we don’t know, we will put you in contact with the right individual who can answer your questions.

Using Inkjet Transfer Paper anyone can easily create their very own custom t-shirts quickly. At you can pick up the right quantity of transfer paper, whether you need 5 or 1000 sheets, PrintOnIt makes this possible.

Over the coming days and weeks the information posted here will reveal the different project kits and Inkjet supplies available for your use. These Kits are designed to help anyone get started quickly making custom t-shirts, mouse pads, calendars, coasters, puzzles and much more!

You have a computer, most like an Inkjet printer too, by adding one of our T-Shirt Kits with Inkjet Transfer Paper into the mix you can be in the custom t-shirt printing business literally overnight! And, if you are more ambitious, PrintOnIt also has a complete T-Shirt Business In A Box that will start you off fast.

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